The 42nd Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) World Finals 2018 just held in the month of April from 15-20 in Beijing, China hosted by Peking University in the eve of 120 years celebration in association with China Youth and Science Culture and other sponsoring partners.

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ACM ICPC Dhaka Regional 2018 Events

Permanent Campus, Ashulia Campus

A distinguished landmark in higher education

DIU Green Campus is a movement, the first of its kind in Bangladesh, which was launched in 2002 by Daffodil International University (DIU). The initiatives of this movement are helping to shape our university as a model environmental community where academic programs and environmentally responsible behavior by all stakeholders go hand in hand. This movement aims to promote eco-friendly ‘green projects’ in order to ensure a greener, cleaner, safer and healthier campus for us to work and live in.

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ACM-ICPC Dhaka Regional 2018 Mega Attractions

  • Champion Team Award Partner: Bangladesh Computer Society & Internet Soceity Bangladesh Chapter
  • Runner-up Team Award Partner: SSL Wireless
  • Platinum Team Sponsor: DataSoft Systems Limited
  • Golden Team Sponsor: Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh, ADN Networks


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Today we highlight one of the inspiring initiatives led by university leaders and former ICPC competitors to provide education and opportunities for the next generation of problem solvers in Chile.

The fourth Chilean Winter Camp for Competitive Programming (or “Invernal Campamento de Programación Competitiva en Chile” in Spanish, ICPCCL for short) took place from July 17 to 27. More than 80 people from 24 institutions from Chile, Colombia, and Bolivia gathered at Diego Portales University, in the city of Santiago, and some of them were also preparing for the upcoming IOI 2018. Former World Finalists, professors, and experienced competitors gave lectures on algorithms and data structures with a strong focus on Competitive Programming. Then, every afternoon the participants competed in programming contests to train and apply what they have just learned during the lectures. The camp also featured sponsor talks from Microsoft and Falabella—one of the biggest retail companies in Latin America. With these camps, we expect to engage more people in Competitive Programming, by showing them how challenging and interesting this sport can be. We also expect them to feel motivated to train and participate in the upcoming regionals, which in Chile will take place in November, in the city of Valdivia. The ICPCCL was organized by progcompCL, a non-profit organization devoted to foster the programming skills of students at high-school and university levels.

Photos courtesy of the ICPCCL and M. Quezada

Moscow International Workshop ICPC welcomes students who want to increase the level of their IT-skills to train with programmers from all around the World. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, one of the leading technological university in Russia, hosts the competitive programming bootcamps on November 6 – 13, 2018. 

There are two divisions as usual: 
Division A is for experienced students which are going to participate in the next ICPC World Finals 
Division B is for programmers which prepare for regional competitions 

To participate the level of your knowledges has to be enough for passing in 1/4 ICPC. 

There are two options of participation in the bootcamps: 
– To pay until September 21 and get the good discount! 
– To create your own contest and participate in the workshop for free! You need to send problems and solutions to them until September 15. 

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